• Budgie: no min, max buttons

    Hi guys,

    I’m falling in love with Budgie desktop. Have no words to describe how it is fast and lightweight. It even left far behind my favorite Mate. Budgie is simply… fantastic!

    It’s the “working Gnome 3”.

    But I can’t get minimize and maximize buttons in windows. There’s only close button, like in default Gnome 3. Even in gnome-tweak-tool, from where we usually enable/disable these two buttons in Gnome 3, there’s no option to do the same in Budgie.


    I would be infinitely grateful to any Gnome guru, if he could help to visualize these buttons.

  • It was enough to set the key


    to desired value


    to get min & max buttons in Budgie back:


    The problem is solved.

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