• Using Printers in Antergos KDE


    I am new to Antergos, but have been using Arch and Ubuntu variants with KDE for some time.

    I have completed a Live Install and enabled printing during this installation.

    I find that there is no printer icon in systemsettings. How do I get this function working?



  • @JJark
    Oops - not hell - should be Hello!

  • Hi,

    You must use your DE (KDE in your case) to setup it.


    @JJark said:

    Oops - not hell - should be Hello!


  • Thanks for the reply.

    I have not been specific enough I think.

    There are no options to add a printer anywhere in systemsettings. There is no icon.

    I have the cups daemon running from systemd and can log on the cups, but I cannot add the drivers.



  • Hi,

    Check that you have the print-manager package installed.

    sudo pacman -S print-manager


    P.S. You can also setup your printer with your browser using CUPS (go to http://localhost:631)

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