• how to make automatic updates


    How to setup Pamac to make updates automatic without any questions/confirmations and without asking for user password ? Is it possible ?


  • @siamer

    You don’t want to do this. You should always check what you’re updating, and always read all messages pacman throws at you.

    Having said that, and warning you not to do it, you can pass the --noconfirm parameter to pacman to avoid confirmation messages. I don’t know if this is also possible with pamac, but I doubt it.


  • automatic updates would be nice for other users that I installed antegros and they don’t have idea about linux…

  • @siamer you could use pacmanxg4 as the package manager. it has an option to save your password so you dont have to enter a password for every update. im with you on how annoying it is to enter a password for every update ;)

  • @megaman said:

    thank I will try pacmanxg4, thanks for info!

  • You can edit /etc/yaourtrc and add “NOCONFIRM=1” line to avoid confirmation messages ☺

  • Raúl Romero García thanks for info! Will try that soon…


  • @siamer said:

    automatic updates would be nice for other users that I installed antegros and they don’t have idea about linux…

    I totally disagree. If they don’t know how linux works, the worst thing to do is to update your system blindly. But hey, that’s only my opinion.


  • I totally agree, @Karasu. For a rolling release, as Antergos/Arch, the worst thing is to blindly install whatever comes in, even for a linux-guru user. Let alone the noobie!!!
    Whats the big deal of checking out and being aware of whats getting in/out of your system? Thats the Windows way, not Arch s! Not even Ubuntu s! 😄

  • you think that my parent will know what is systemd ? what is xorg, etc ? for them it have to work! I’m visiting every few months and after so long time system usually crast after update… so it’s easier to set them auto updates… just my 2 cents…

    for the other way half of arch user is not checking what they (we) updating, just pacman -Syu and than Y and that’s it… I’m not paranoic about thinks like that… let finish that topic.

    thanks for help ;)


  • @siamer , forgive me if I gave the wrong impression of addressing you personally. I am a heavy user of googling my issues before asking for help in a forum. Having this in mind, the meaning of my entering the discussion was a lot more general. You may have your personal reasons (certainly respected) but lots and lots who will google the " How to setup Pamac to make updates automatic" will come to your post. And they will get the wrong advice. Without being warned that such an option is NOT advised (even the suggested pacmanxg4 has a warning about it) and it is easy to get rid of some stupid/boring/annoying password & confirmation actions. And when they screw their system, it will be the system s fault, not theirs. You see, this is a public step seen by anyone worldwide, it s not just between you and me 👍
    This, is something I would t like to see it happen…
    Keep smiling…😄

  • @anarch actually you might be right. better that other users will know that they can brake they system because of that…


  • idk myself i had the password set in pacmanxg4 for many many months without any update issues. not sure if this is the distro for your parents though. i would probably just pick something that doesnt update so much like a buntu or a deb.

    so go ahead and set that password ;)

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