• Better Battery Icon?

    Can any of you recommend a replacement icon theme for Cinnamon that is not hideous and has a battery icon that tracks battery percentage a bit better?

    Right now, I am using Numix Square, and it looks fine, but my battery on the laptop can be a 10% left, and that icon will still show a full battery. Granted, if I mouse over it, I will get the proper percentage and estimated time remaining, but at a glance, it’d be nice to get a better visual representation of battery remaining.

  • @Myk-Robinson The power management widget received some attention from the Cinnamon developers in Cinnamon 2.8. Perhaps the issue was improved, Cinnamon 2.8 will be available in the Arch repos in a few days. Its in our staging repo right now if you don’t want to wait. :wink:


  • @lots.0.logs I’m lazy and not near my laptop at the moment, have those packages been moved into mainstream yet?


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