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    Just donated another 10 euro, well 9.41 to be exact to Antergos and another 10 for the MATE team to celebrate mate 1.12. If you don’t donate that’s fine but please take the time to think about a plan for the software you live and love.

    Have a great weekend.

  • @Jakob-Greve

    Thanks a lot! We have monthly expenses that without users donations we wouldn’t be able to cover.


  • Welcome I feel good about donating, when new stuffs comes around. My budget doesn’t allow for monthly donations. But I hope people will think about donations and if all donates occasionally hopefully the wheels should run smoothly.

  • Well I’ve Mate another donation and things are working better than ever. Thanks a lot to the Antergos team for deciding to take Mate’rs into their own hands😂

  • I have donated $4.00, it’s a small donation but I plan to make small donations like this every month, I really like this distro and want to support it, it’s the first distro that I have donated $$.

  • Just curious is there a way to make monthly donations? Like some kind of auto-pay or something of the sort? Or is it all just manually each month you donate? Just curious.

  • @linuxhelmet Patreon is what you’re looking for: https://www.patreon.com/antergos

    👍 .

  • You are short 5 dollars/mo for meeting your goal :D That’s awesome!

  • @linuxhelmet Nah I’d say they’ve hit it when I donated a server with more then what to do with :).

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