• Wifi issue on laptop

    Hi everyone,

    I’m kind of new to Linux especially Arch, but I decided to try this distro because I like the look and feel of it.
    That being said, I ran into a problem and need some help.
    When I run the system from the live USB, everything works fine i can use my wifi connections perfectly, however, after I install the system there is not way to connect to a wireless network. The wired connection option is there, so is the bluetooth, but the wifi icon doesn’t show up in the top right corner.
    I`m using a Lenovo G510 laptop with a Broadcom 43141, if I remember correctly.
    I really want to get this working because this seems like an awesome system and I want to make it my daily driver so if anyone can help me with this issue that would be amazing.

    Thanks in advance

  • @Zahariuc-Mihai Try to apply this solution, offered by @karasu . It worked also in other occasions. Read the rest of the thread, where @karasu explains how to deal with Broadcom hardware.

  • @just thanks a lot, I’ll try that solution. Appreciate the help. 😄

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