• How do I get my Macbook to boot antergos with grub or systems ?

    So the first time I partition /root /home /boot/efi /swap and use grub as my boot loader. My mac failed to detect anything and boot directly into antergos. On my second try I decided to use systemd with partition /root /home /boot /swap and it still failed. I did read the guide on installing in arch wiki but I think I am missing some part or not understanding something.

    Please help me
    (already using antergos with my desktop and love it)

  • @mapring

    Hello and please next time ? :D

    I do believe you macbook is brand new? You missed the UEFI step.

    What do you mean with “my mac faiuled to detect anything and boot directly in Antergos” ?
    If nothing is detected how could it start in Antergos? Do you mean the usb/disc installer (or the live usb/disc)?

  • Hello!

    What kind of Mac do you have? Specs and number?
    I have a 11,1 MacBook Pro and 8,1 MacBook pro.
    Mac could be a very tricky or very easy machine to install to.
    Antergos is most of the time easy to install and you have to just follow the installers instructions. Ater installation comes a “scary” moment when you can´t see Mac OS. Just boot with option key down and wait until you see the Mac OS system disk. In Mac OS you have to install rEFInd and then reboot. That´s it basically!r

    Here comes a true story!
    I upgraded to El Capitan and thought that the computer became slower. I have ma…de a “homemade” fusion-disk and wanted to install to the SSD only. Had to break the fusion-disk in 2. After that I can´t partition or format the non-SSD-disk in Mac OS! Have tried everything ! (I think) From Antergos I could format and partition the disk so the
    disk is not broken! I tried to format in jhfs+ with gparted and reboot to Mac OS but then the disk couldn´t be recognized! I formated to fat32 and that worked. Now I have 700G to Antergos and 300 fat32 for music and movies etc. All this because of Apples disk-utility! I really like Mac but this has been very so frustrating that my next computer might be a …PC.

  • I think I had giving up of the thought of this. I tried and did get it up and running but I just didn’t like how I have to keep executing a command to disable my graphic card. Thanks for all the help. (I will still use Antergos on my gaming laptop)

  • Give up?
    Before you do that you could at least give the model of your mac?

  • Macbook 10.1

    Like I said I did get it up and running but my macbook have a discrete graphic card. As a result each boot up I have to disable or power down that card to save battery. (echo OFF > /sys/kernel/debug/vgaswitcheroo/switch) I just didn’t really like that so I decided to go back OSX on my mac. Maybe there is a way to enable it on startup which I haven’t tried yet.

    Thank you

  • Hello again!

    10,1 i probably the most difficult to get things to work on. I can understand your hesitation!
    Just one question: there is a script to disable the undesired graphics and it is not very difficult to enable at boot time. (it just prolongs boot time with 10-20 secs.) Have you tried that?

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