• How to add personal wallpapers to Antergos LightDM Wallpapers

    Ok, I copied over my wallpapers from my Pictures folder, they are bot JPG and PNG format, to /usr/share/antergos/wallpapers but when at the login screen, they are not listed.
    Any ideas on how to make them available?

  • @herbie said:

    Ok, I copied over my wallpapers…

    That’s not enough.

    Without going into details, you also need:

    1. Adjust the file
      accordingly, by including in it all added wallpapers

    That will make them available among login screen wallpapers, but their thumbnails won’t be displayed.

    If you want to see new wallpapers’ thumbnails on the right side of the login screen, you need also:

    1. Create thumbnail images for every new wallpaper by hand

    2. Scale them to 102x67 px dimensions. They will fit well with default Antergos thumbs

    3. Place all thumbnails into the



    I don’t know, how to get the login screen’s screenshot to demonstrate it, but it works nice here. Both login screen and DE session use the same, not Antergos’ default, wallpapers.

  • @just
    Thanks for providing the information but I am too lazy to be doing all that. I just installed MDM and did a minor customization.
    Again, thank you as I am going to bookmark this page in case I ever get off my lazy butt and decide again to customize Lightdm.

  • @herbie

    You can batch convert the images with ImageMagick

    convert *.* -resize 102x67 wallpaper.png

    The files will be automatically numbered

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