• Display is black after waking from suspend and unlocking

    I just installed antergos. So far so good. When I suspend my computer, though, it wakes up fine, and prompts me to enter my password (as it should when it wakes up). But when I enter my password the screen is blank from then on. I can press the volume keys and hear the volume changing, and I can activate caps lock, it’s only the display that isn’t working. Pressing Alt+Ctrl+F1 doesn’t get me a TTY like it normally does. How can I fix this? I didn’t have this problem on Arch.

  • @jon.reeve Hi jon.reeve. Sorry for my english, my mother tongue is french :).
    The problem you describe has been added in the archlinux wiki few weeks ago by myself.
    It would be nice if you could have a look at the Wiki before asking this. I don’t mind answering at all, but You do save yourself a lot of time waiting for a solution like that :D.

    Anyway, the problem is related to lightdm. 2 solving ways come to my mind :

    1. disable lightdm and install gdm instead (gdm is an example, you might install something else ;)).
    2. disable lock when lid is closed. When you’ll wake up the computer, the lock screen won’t appear and so the problem won’t appear too.


    1. Go to a terminal and write this (might use sudo if you are a normal user) :
      -> systemctl disable lightdm (we disable the auto launch on boot)
      -> pacman -Syu gdm (we install gdm (replace it with a login manager you like if you want)
      -> systemctl enable gdm (we enable gdm to auto-start at launch)
      Now, else you reboot the computer, else you write this :
      -> systemctl stop lightdm (we stop lightdm now)
      -> systemctl start gdm (we start gdm now)
      Be carreful, you might have to use ctrl+alt+f1 (or f2, or something else) to be able to enter the last command (systemctl start gdm).

    2. Check in “tweak tools” and “preferences”, I do think it’s in “power”, and untick all the cases linked to lock when lid is closed.

    Hope this help you and that my solution is correct :)

  • Thanks! Uninstalling lightdm and installing gdm did the trick.

  • @jon.reeve Glad this help. You’re welcome Jon.

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