Hi, I’m having issues with the nvidia driver on a fresh install. Getting the “nvidia” package results in messed up external monitor results. The computer is an Asus G75 laptop with the nvidia GTX 670MX card, I work with two external monitors, one via VGA and one by HDMI (with an HDMI to VGA adapter). A little of background, before doing the fresh install I had no problems, the initial setup was a little of a hassle as the dsiplay array would sometimes mess up but that’s about it. For some reason I think I was runinng a previous version of the driver, 340, 304 but not the nvidia/nvidia-current package.

The built in display works fin but the HDMI monitor is sort of working, nvidia-settings detect the display but every info about it is unknown and the resolution is set to 480p, the panel is a 19" 720p thing. Then we have the VGA one, this from the nvidia config appears to be ok as it displays all the info of the monitor correctly: brand, model, size and native resolution (1366x768); but the actual rendering resolution on the display appears to be squished to 1024x758, when I set to output 1024x768 it seems to work but I can’t make the rest of the screen to work.
I have tried rolling back to nvidia-340xx and many more but this always ends in a bootloop. Now I’m afraid of messing up with the driver, this is the 4th time I do a fresh install, I also tried to fixing the loop chrooting without any results.

The funny thing is when I swap the screens with the ports, getting the one on VGA port to the HDMI adapter and the one on the HDMI adapter on the VGA port the one with the native VGA gets an input of 1280x768 as said by the display info menu but the computer/nvidia-settings seem to output 1366x768. And the one on the HDMI adapter tops at 640x480.

I also use the HDMI sound output and as expected, the device is missing from the selector on the sound menu.

Thanks in advance.