• Antergos is...

    so boring, thanks to you guys!
    Unbelivable i’ve searched a long time for a Arch Distro which is working, and nothing else.
    It’s the best Distro i’ve ever used, and i tried a lot, besides openSuse Ubuntu and so on.
    I cant say how great the work is you do. Keep on maintaining the best.
    Thank you!

  • Yep, I couldn’t use Antergos (or any Arch-based distro, like Bridge, Manjaro, or Evolution’s installer) due to some UEFI troubles around a year ago. But now that this doesn’t seem to be the case anymore, I’m really enjoying it. Lots of up-to-date packages and it’s still got stability. I like this.

    Thanks devs.

  • For Arch to go mainstream and get more valuable polish and exposure and deployment. This will also make other Linux developers acknowledge the Arch ecosystem of unpatched fresh upstream always current philosophy that works with little intervention. Someone needs to make a package manager which will first bring in all important update news from the Arch page before anyone can update.

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