• Call For Beta Testers: Numix Frost Themes 3.0 and LightDM Webkit2 Greeter 0.2.3

    We need your help to ensure that the following packages are ready to be moved into our stable repository!

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  • @lots.0.logs Hi

    I did install Numix theme but I haven’t really noticed the change. What shoud I look at ?
    That being said, no issue to be reported either.

  • For the theme, the bugs are not likely to be obvious. Things to look for are issues with the styles like if something appears inconsistent with the rest of the theme. Just to be sure, you did activate the theme after installing it correct?

    Best Regards,

  • @lots.0.logs said:

    Just to be sure, you did activate the theme after installing it correct?

    Well, not sure then… Numix-frost-light theme and Numix icons used to be set in Gnome tweak tool already. Is there anything specific I need to do ?

  • The package installs the theme separately from the current stable version. Its called Numix-Frost-Next. You have to enable it in Tweak Tool.

  • @lots.0.logs Hi

    Something might have not worked. I don’t have the Numix-Frost-Next option in Tweak Tool. Is there a file located somewhere I need to check ?

  • I just went into Pacman and saw numix-frost-themes-next was not installed.
    Then, I just installed it and it appears now in Tweak Tool.

    This new theme is now selected in Tweak Tool. I have not noticed a big change but, at least, the contrast is better. It is more comfortable to look at the screen ; I like it.

    Thanks for your great work !

    Edit : should I remove now the staging repo from pacman.conf ?

  • @squid-f Okay, thanks for the feedback. Be sure to restart GNOME Shell so that the new theme choice is properly applied. You can keep the staging repo enabled if you want to receive updates to the beta package (just dont forget to remove it once the beta package makes it to stable).


  • Hi,
    the more I look at it, the more I like it. It brings the nice feeling that the screen resolution has improved (even if not hardware wise of course).
    There is a small shade all around firefox and thunderbird windows for instance ; not around the “genuine” Gnome windows (Settings, File manager,…).
    Is this shade on purpose ? It is not annoying at all ; might even gives the impression of a better contrast once again.

  • Installed ok via Pacman and Gnome Tweak Tool.

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