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    I’m new to Antergos (and all other pacman based distros), and I don’t know how to change desktop environment. Right now, I’m using XFCE, but I want to try Cinnamon out, too. How can I change the default DE directly after booting?

    Note: Even though I’m not new to Linux, I still like a very simple solution that can be done very fast. Well, everyone wants that, right?

  • As far as I know, you can’t have more than one DE in Antergos.
    You need to re-install and choose during the install process.
    When you think about it, it’s no big deal when you have a fresh install: just try a few over a few weeks and see which one you prefer.
    Before doing this, check the documentation: the faq and google “antergos changing DE”

    From the Antergos FAQ:
    “Q: “What desktop do you give more attention to?”
    We try to ensure all desktops receive an equal amount of attention. Though, its unavoidable that we’d find more things to “fine-tune” in the desktops we use on our own systems. Our project leader uses GNOME faithfully. I myself can’t stand it so usually I run Cinnamon. Though I have high hopes for the new KDE 5. If I remember correctly, the other two devs use Openbox and Xfce respectively. So really we’ve got most of the bases covered (well GTK-based anyway).”

    Though this quote doesn’t explicitly rule out having 2 or more DE’s under the hood, it implies as much.

    good luck,
    I loved my run with Antergos but am currently playing and learning in the Arch sandpit

  • As far as I know, you can’t have more than one DE in Antergos.
    You need to re-install and choose during the install process.

    That’s not exactly correct. While we haven’t released an “official” way to have many DE’s with our “antergos” setup, you can install as many DE’s as you want. The only thing is that they’ll have a vanilla setup, and it will be your job to setup them to look as you want.

  • What I did was to create another user. I run Xfce and installed Gnome, then Cinnamon, then KDE. I removed the previous DE before installing the new DE, HOWEVER, I always kept Xfce. As much as I switch DE’s I always come back to Xfce.
    Once you settle on the DE of choice you can always remove the others by reviewing History in Pamac with the date(s) of the installs.
    Doing it that way prevents mucking up the user(s) of the one you may want to keep.
    BTW, you don’t have to do an install unless you feel like it. With Antergos it isn’t that hard but somewhat time consuming.

  • Thanks for all your replies!
    I’ll be using the solution @herbie said.

  • I used ‘useradd’ in Terminal but still can’t figure out how to set the default DE when the user logs in.

  • Hi,

    Before login, there must be an option to choose your DE. If you’re using lightdm with our theme, is on the left-lower side.

  • I’ll try again. I didn’t notice it just then when I tried.

  • It might be something to do with my VirtualBox. I can only see part of the button, the rest are cut off from the window.
    I’ll play around with the settings and see if it works.

  • Did a whole bunch of things just then and now it works perfectly. I’m posting this using Firefox on Cinnamon now! Thanks!

    PS I noticed that Cinnamon tends to be a bit slower than XFCE.

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