• [SOLVED]Microphone does not work. Dell Latitude 7350

    A sound (output) issue has just been solved when another sound (input) problem arises 😣
    I’ve found out my microphone does not work at all.
    Of course the first thing I’ve tried has been activating (manually) all the channels in alsamixer, and I also tried some combinations of Dmic, Mic and RECMIX but I haven’t been able to solve, yet.
    In attachment a screenshot with current settings.

    May you give any tips?

    MatteP0_1446338958080_Screenshot 2015-11-01 01-44-19.png

  • I have two questiosn that might help.

    1. In the screen shot you posted you have alsamixer you have only [Playback] showing and not [Capute]. Did you cycle through and check all of the sliders? I ask because I didn’t realize my self for longer than I care to admint.

    2. Have you looked at the output of lspci or alsa-info.sh to see if your microphone is recognized?

  • Hi @ajay ,
    Thank! Yes! You were right! I moved to capture to enable the microphone and I set ADC 0 Mu and ADC 1 Mu as Dmic.
    Now it works!


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