• ● geoclue.service -------> failed

    Hola, siempre verifico que tanto:

    $ journalctl --verify
    PASS: /var/log/journal/d75fd4a37dbe43f2837e6d043b84b43c/user-1000.journal
    PASS: /var/log/journal/d75fd4a37dbe43f2837e6d043b84b43c/system.journal

    como también systemctl me den bien, y en este caso; no es así:
    He leído sobre el tema, y según dicen es una geolocalización de Gnome para sus aplicaciones, cual no me gusta para nada, que sepan donde estoy, en fin, no es tanto ese el problema, si no que quiero de alguna forma, sacar esta aplicación, pero al querer desinstalarla me tira que es una dependencia de gnome-control-center y demás paquetes…demás está decir que utilizo Gnome 3.18.1
    No me trae problemas, pero si lo puedo sacar, pues mejor !

    Además he tratado, cambiando a una tty haciendo= systemctl stop geoclue.service, como también systemctl disable geoclue.service sin ningún resultado positivo.

    Gracias como siempre.-

  • Hi @judd
    If I understand you correctly from Google Translate, you want to remove/uninstall the geoclue service. Thank goodness for the translater service. LOL. I hope that I am correct in understandin you.
    I read this on the Arch Forums. link text
    This is only relevant if you are using Google’s browser.

  • Hi @Modisc !

    Thanks for the answer, and had investigated forum arch, had read the link, but what bothers me is that Geoclue appears out of nowhere, along with chromiun google-chrome or with the simple fact of having a mail gmail, and I would geo not understand these kinds of things are annoying and really not?


    On the other hand, I have to use google-chrome to read the forum antergos and arch, as with Firefox, it all becomes more difficult and chrome translates me all at once, but good, no problems there anyway.

    In addition, as seen in the capture, eliminating Geoclue it had problems with dependencies on other important packages gnome:0_1446327164983_geoclueeeeeeeeeee.png

  • Hi @judd
    I was actually quite interested in the geoclue servicee since you posted. Apparantly,

     The primary goal of the Geoclue project is to make creating location-aware applications as simple as possible, while the secondary goal is to ensure that no application can access location information without explicit permission from user

    its from wikipedia.
    And Firefox, a.k.a. Mozilla foundation is connected somewhat to this type of service
    Because I understand that you want to disable it, there is a Ubuntu link about how to go about disabling
    Remember, it is Ubuntu based. However, read the links carefully because disabling this, according to the linked sources, wreak havoc or disable some other services.
    Here is the Ubuntu Forums link: link text

  • Hi @Modisc
    It is more than clear that privacy is already a struggle entire computer, as the link ubuntu says, but one tries to take care as much as possible of these spy stuff, the strange thing is that I do not have any confidence, or it interfere your computer as and when I want and use the information you have, but beyond all this and trade policies, and leave it there for very long the subject, as well as religions …

    This does not happen to me Geoclue arch, or do not ask me to turn it to not pull me in systemctl --verify error and antergos really no idea why it does, because in arch also use google-chrome to the forums in English and translate into Castilian rapidly, weird right?

  • Modisc, I auditioned to install everything you need to Geoclue me no error in my systemctl packages as redshift and all its dependencies, and I find that having Geoclue aparesco also enabled or not on this map https://location.services.mozilla.com/
    Conclusion: this or not activated in antergos Geoclue or arch, one is detected, for that reason I have activated and ready 0_1446389008279_systemctlllllllllll.png

  • Hi @judd
    Sorry, I really do not know what to say.

    I can point you to a link on the Arch Wiki for chromium security tweaks. I have tried the security tweak in removing the RC4 cipher as well as including a blacklist exactly as per the link here: link text

    You will have to read the entire article as well as a translation of the German Blog link (provided by the Arch Wiki) and the Wikipedia link information on what the security breaches mean as well as their connection to the NSA.

    You can try to undertake the actions as per the instructions there ; however, what you will find, as I did, is that you are going to have a new Chromium browser session occur every hour. Basically, while you are browsing, you will have another instance of Chromium occur.

    The other thing that kept occurring to me is that each time that I would try to start up chromium, I would have 2 chromium tabs (since I had 2 blacklists in the chromium-flags.conf ). It was quite annoying to constantly have to close tabs as a result of the scripts behavior. And that is even after having tried to modify the scripts check behavior from 60 mins to 180 mins.

    If you try it as per the Wiki instructions, you might understand the annoying behavior of the script. It secures your browser, but it is annoying as hell. In the end, I wound up removing the script.

    That is all I can say.

  • @Modisc

    It is what we have and we used, or; kindle no more a computer, the choice is ours, at least we have that option …

    Thank you very much for your time and concern!

    Best regards !

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