• PDF reader for touchscreen

    Hi everyone!
    I’ve installed Antergos on a Dell Latitude 7350, a hybrid laptop-tablet.
    I’d like to know if you have any suggestions about a manageable pdf reader that works fine when I use the screen by itself as a tablet.
    Actually I’m not such demanding. I’m only trying to get a reader having:

    1. a full screen view;
    2. a tool to highlight/underline, easy to activate/deactivate
    3. an efficient way of browsing pages and dragging them

    Thanks in advance!!!


  • I take it that the default pdf viewer installed is not doing the job for you.

    Have you looked at ocular. With Ocular, you can use it inside of Gnome. It’s a KDE app which means it will download KDE related deps. Don’t know how you feel about that. But it’s quite feature rich. Somewhat.
    It can annotate and mark up PDF files with comments, highlights, shapes, stamps, etc.

    I don’t know about evince. You might have to check on that one, though. Some Googling will help to see what plugins both of them have for editing, highlining, underlining, and browse/drag pages.
    There is also PDFedit I don’t know if it’s in the AUR. You will have to check.

    Under Wine, Foxit and PDF X change are known to work good. Just not a good UI.

  • Hi @Modisc ,

    okular would be the best if it would enable:

    • pinching to zoom (as in evince);
    • browsing left/right instead of only scrolling (as happens, but only forward, in “Presentation mode”)
    • a way of keeping active a tool (highlight, for instance) even after having used it, without having to select it every time.

    Moreover, as said here link text, I still have some problems because I cannot “simulate” double- nor right-click and these issues of course put many limitation to the use of the touchscreen.

    Anyway, I’m checking whether touchegg package may be of any help.


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