• Issues with touchscreen. Dell Latitude 7350

    I’ve installed Antergos on a Dell Latitude 7350, a hybrid laptop-tablet.
    I have some issues about the function of touchscreen:

    1. is there a way of having a “right-click” function within the touchscreen?
    2. indeed the only thing I can do when I use the screen as a tablet is being able to move the pointer and open folders. What should I do to make my touchscreen behave more or less like a real tablet: dragging when I am in a folder or I am reading a pdf, activate/deactivate functions when I tap on their icons, pitching (or doing something else) to zoom. As far as you know is there a way? or is that just a forbidden dream?
    3. Although I activate the “screen keyboard” function when I remove the screen from the base, indeed it appears only when I want to write in the terminal but not, for instance, when I want to search on internet or insert a web address.

    Any ideas?

    P.S. Please tell me if I should have splitted in 3 different topics the questions above.

    1. When, for instance, I try to read a pdf on Evince, Okular or any other pdf reader
  • Hello

    Depending on the DE you use, applications will be more or less touchscreen friendly.
    To me (and might depend a lot on user preference), Gnome is the best DE for touchscreen. I use Antergos Gnome with an Asus T300LA 2-in-1.

    However, it is a lot application dependent. If the application doesn’t integrate touchscreen functions, you will not get anything.
    Then, you might have to tweak the preference or install adds-on.

    For the file manager, setting the option to open files with a simple click will ease browsing. On Firefox, installing the add-on “Grab and Drag” will allow scrolling the web page on touchscreen mode.

    Pinching, so far, works only when looking at PDF file with the default PDF viewer.

    Calibre works fairly with touchscreen.

    Some hardware might be better recognized on Linux. I would say though that Linux is far less touchscreen friendly than Android or even recent Windows. It has the ability but, at first, applications will have to be developed for.

    If someone has a different experience, I would be very interested by knowing more about it.

  • Hi @squid-f ,
    Thanks for the hints!
    I installed the add-on “Grab and Drag” on Firefox and this works perfectly.
    If only:

    1. right-click worked
    2. tapping/double-tapping were the same as double-click

    it would be more or less all that I wanted.

    Actually evince is my default viewer and pinching doesn’t work there.
    In calibre I can only upload pdf but when I try to open them the usual pdf reader is used


  • @MatteP Hi

    Strange pinching doesn’t work when viewing PDF. The version of the PDF document viewer I use is 3.18.1
    Which version do you have ?

  • Hi @squid-f ,

    Sorry! I was wrong! When normal view or full screen mode is on the pinching works. It does not work when presentation mode is on (before I was referring to that).

    Since, with a normal keyboard, is much easier browsing a pdf in Presentation mode, do you know if there’s a way to zoom in this mode (or in any mode software enabling browsing right/left instead of scrolling)?
    With reference also to this other question of mine link text, I would also like to highlight, do you know anything for that?

    Besides the problem of right-click, I’ve also an issue concerning the equivalent (on the touchscreen) of the left-click, ore better of double-click. In fact usually I can select folders or icons with my finger, but I cannot open them double-tapping.

    Anyway I’m trying to check if package touchegg can help somehow.


  • @MatteP Hi

    I don’t use so much the presentation mode in PDF. I cannot help here and I am afraid if it does work for you, it means it is not planned for.
    I have not tested the other PDF viewer referred in your link. I am not of any support here either ; sorry.

    To open folder with touch screen, one way is to set the preference to open folder with single click. It does solve the right click issue though.

    Good luck and let me know in case you learn new “tricks” during your quest ;)

  • Hey @MatteP. I’m interested in getting a 7350 to use with Linux. How’s it going for you now? Did touchegg help?

  • Hi @git86 ,
    Well, from the point of view of the touchscreen and touch utilities…I would not recommend it.
    Indeed it may work properly with touchegg but unfortunately I haven’t had any time to try to install it, yet…so I cannot but say nothing!
    But I was able to solve all the other issues (sound and hibernation issues).


  • Thanks for your reply, @MatteP . Glad to hear that you were able to get everything else working. If you don’t mind, could you say what you don’t like about the touch experience as it exists for you now? Also, which desktop environment are you using now? If you get around to trying touchegg at some point, I’d like to hear if that helps.

  • Hi @git86 ,
    Concerning desktop environment I’m still using Gnome. Here the discussion where the solution to my issue with sleep mode/hibernation is reported https://forum.antergos.com/topic/3148/solved-blank-black-screen-after-suspension-hibernation-dell-latitude-7350/2.

    Talking of touchscreen, well, it would be nice having it working as a tablet: easy ways to open folder/files, to zoom, to scroll, to use tools (above all highlighter and annotation in pdf readers), moreover I wish screen keyboard popped up every time I need it, while, I do not know why, sometimes it fails to appear.
    I have another unsolved issue with touchpad: if I detach the screen and then I put it back on the basis, side scrolling on the touchpad will not work anymore.
    But maybe the biggest problem is not being able to right-click. For instance sometimes I’m able to open pdf files somehow (I think with two finger tapping, but it is not always working so I cannot be sure about it) and, on evince, there’s a tool to highlight and writing down notes. Now, you may need to cancel some wrong highlights or comments and, while it is easy doing it with touchpad right-click, I haven’t been able to find a way to use touchscreen for this aim.

    I hope touchegg may help and I hope these comments may help you!


  • @MatteP
    Following is the way written in Dell Latitude 7350 Manual with which you can enable right click option on your touch-pad screen:
    Press Win+R keys to open run, type regedit and hit enter to open Registry Editor.
    Go to “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Synaptics\SynTP\TouchPadSMB2cTM2382”.
    On the right double click on “MultiFingerTapFlags” entry and update its value to 3.
    On the right double click on “2FingerTapAction” entry and update its value to 2.
    After, go to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Synaptics\SynTP\Win10”
    On the right double click on “MultiFingerTapFlags” entry and update its value to 3.
    On the right double click on “2FingerTapAction” entry and update its value to 2.
    It’s necessary to restart.

    PS: If you don’t find the “2FingerTapAction” just create a DWORD 32 bit, rename and update the value.

    Hope it works!

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