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    I am looking for a Remote Client, which better integrates with the Cinnamon Desktop, is GTK+ based (less dependencies for installation) and is actively maintained. Any suggestions?

  • Last year I used https://freerdp.github.io/Remmina/index.html with my students. It’s GTK and actively developed.


  • i like tigervnc myself. very lightweight.

  • I am looking at Vinagre right now. It seems more up to date than Remmina. Has anyone used it? I will look into tigervnc too!

  • If I’m not wrong vinagre is Ubuntu’s default (or at least it was). It should work nicely as well.


  • @Noctem

    What are you trying to remote in to? OS, Desktop, and is it within the LAN? The answer to these questions could affect what software is recommended. I agree with Karasu, and also recommend Remmina. I use it for VNC and windows server/workstation RDP.

    Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish, X2Go might be worth a look at. I wouldn’t use it to remote into a Cinnamon desktop, but would use it to remote into mate,xfce, or lxde.

  • I also use Remmina with Cinnamon DE. It is by far the best RDP client experience for me.

  • maybe i’m weird, but I just use rdesktop from the command line after having weird issues with various GUI clients in the past. May have to try them again and see what shakes.

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