• Gnome 3.18 new features


    Gnome 3.18 seems more stable now (much less daily updates). However, I don’t see the new features advertised : backlight sensor, touchpad setup, firmware update.
    Is there anything else I need to install to get a full Gnome 3.18 configuration ? Or did I miss anything on my current install ? Or might it be due to my hardware ?

    Thanks !

  • Hi @squid-f

    You’re right, missing some new applications of Gnome 3.18, because up there if there luck!

  • You might need to install fwupd from the AUR fwupd for some of your computer’s firmwares.
    Just ensure you read some of the comments. Evidently, there is no man page for this. I am none too sure how it all together works.
    I have been looking around the internet to figure this thing out. No joy yet.
    I have Pocket account and to be quite honest, I still can’t figure out how to access my Pocket account through Gnome. Gnome is listed as a connected app. Strange.

  • Hi there

    will try and let you know.


  • Well, just installed fwupd and didn’t notice any change. Too bad.

  • @amilopowers please do not necrodump old treats …
    ask a new question, and if it helps you can link to this treat!

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