• Lots of issues lately

    Just my two cents on what has been going on lately with the distro. Operating systems endure interesting problems, for sure. I am just saying that there have been a run of problems lately.

    What I have also noticed is people possibly unfamiliar with the concept of what a system that operates on the principle of rolling release is all about , such as pretty much all Arch Based distributions as opposed to other systems like Ubuntu, et al. , which might be a bit more stable for some users.

    Secondly, the unfamiliarity of the Arch Wiki with many new comers to the distribution. This should be addressed somewhere, somehow.

    Thirdly, the decision to just re-install rather than to try to probe further and negotiate a solution.

    However, the community here in these forums might be small. But it’s great! Very helpful. The assistance from the devs are second to none. It couldn’t be better.

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  • I think that the strongest Antergos’ point is the weakest one, at the same time. Antergos allows to install Arch for users who don’t know Arch. The same applies to any other Arch installers.

    Arch doesn’t try to give a user yet another distro. Its real goal is to teach a user how to install, configure and run Linux. Antergos removes any need to learn how to do that. Is it good or bad, depends on a personal point of view.

    Arch user will never have a problem with Antergos. Antergos user, who tries to manage an Arch-based distro without knowing Arch itself, will find himself in endless troubles.

  • “Antergos user, who tries to manage an Arch-based distro without knowing Arch itself, will find himself in endless troubles.” … Not true. I am not an Arch user but what very few problems I have had over the past year or so of using Antergos, has either been solved here or by referring to the Arch Wiki.
    I have used many distro & Antergos is THE most reliable I have ever used & before anyone says i’m lucky, I have it running on 2 pc & a laptop.

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