• 2 Gnome3 Dash Questions: Resize Icons & Don't Show Running Apps

    Hey there, I have 2 questions for you about the Gnome3 Dash. I’ve switched from using the extension Dash-to-Dock to using Plank altogether and want to use the dash as place where I store apps that I use frequently enough, but not enough to keep my new primary Plank dock.

    For instance, I almost always use Chrome as my browser, but it cannot interface with Gnome Extensions, so I want to put Firefox in there for easy access. Additionally, I don’t use them very often, but I’d like to also easy access to my WPS Office, Pinta, Font Manager, Character Map, Tweak Tools & Settings. There’s others I want to put there, but you get the idea.

    So here’re my questions:

    1. The icons on the Dash are humongous. How can I change it so they’re not so astronomically large?

    2. Since I’m using Plank, it shows that running applications even if they’re not pinned to it (or whatever it’s called when you keep the app in Plank). How can I change it that the Dash just functions as a launcher for these lesser used, but still important apps?

    Thanks very much!

    ~ Ev

    PS, I’ve posted this in the Newbie area, but if you think it would be better to post in the Gnome section, I’ll be happy to move it! Thanks again.

  • @koesherbacon

    I don’t know if this solution still exist (can’t try at the moment) but you’d better have a lot at “gnome-shell.css”. I did it in the past, and used to hide some apps but can’t remember how exactly. I might have a look at it in the afternoon if the solution is not working.

    I do believe, that the file is located in something like : usr/share/gnome-shell/theme/gnome-shell.css

    /* Apps */
    .icon-grid {
    spacing: 36px;
    -shell-grid-item-size: 118px;

    .icon-grid .overview-icon {
    icon-size: 96px;
    } * list item

    You have to adapt these 3 values and reload gnome to see the changes.
    To reload gnome simply alt+f2 and type “r” followed with a hit on the “enter” key

    I’m not using “plank”, I can try that in the afternoon too if you want.
    You can do that without plank, but with plank I have to try by myself :).

    Hope this help you

  • Hello,

    You can use Gnome Tweak Tool to both adjust icon size and hide icons for running apps in Dash to Dock.

    1. Open Gnome Tweak Tool
    2. Click on ‘Extensions’ tab on left
    3. Find Dash to Dock in the list of installed extensions
    4. Click on the settings icon, 3 horizontal lines immediately to the left of ‘Remove’ for Dash to Dock
    5. On ‘Position and size’ tab you can set icon size limit at the bottom of the screen, and fixed icon size as well if you wish
    6. Click on the ‘Behaviour’ tab at top, deselect ‘Show running applications’, second item down, to hide icons for running applications

    The settings for Dash to Dock enable a wide range of customisations for the dock.

    Hope this is what you’re after

  • @Xler8 A bit easier and much complete answer :D Well done :)

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