• Switch to Gnome

    I am fully prepared to clean install if I screw this up, but if I wanted to switch to Gnome instead of Cinnamon, what is the command to install the full Gnome 3 desktop environment as it would have been had i installed it initially instead of Cinnamon?

    From what I understand, there may be caveats to running two DEs on the same machine, at least without creating a different user account for the other DE. Is this correct?

    And for you who prefer Gnome, I’m curious, why do you prefer it over ?

  • Also, in Gnome, how do I get smaller icons? These things are HUGE!

  • well, i went ahead an just clean installed with Gnome, and it seems it doesn’t want to turn the screen back on after locking the desktop… It shows the log in screen. but when I enter my credentials, black screen…

  • @Myk-Robinson If you mean the ‘Favorites’ icons, then add more. The icons fill the space so the more there are the smaller they get. 6 to 7 looks right for me.

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