• KDE-Connect (SOLVED)

    Hi all
    New to Antergos so please excuse any noobness…Has anyone got KDE-connect to work …ie be able to browse device folders and receive email/text notifications ? had this working on Kubuntu
    Running KDE 5.4

  • Hi @bigbossa
    Have you checked the Arch Wiki?
    I did read something on there about connecting devices link text The Arch Wiki is a great resource in case you are not aware.
    According to the Wiki, you need to install kdeconnect if you are using KDE4. If you are using the new Plasma 5, then instead install kdeconnect.git.
    Don’t forget to go to F-Droid afterwards and install the **kdeconnect **package for your device.

  • Hi Modisc
    Thanks for your reply …thats a great resourse …thanks
    I had already installed the Kdeconnect now switched to kdeconnect.git …I’m receiving texts and email notifications but coould not browse my devices , getting " Failed to start sshfs" message . Installed sshfs and all seems good so far :)
    Let you know how I get on

  • Awesome. Glad to know that things are working out for you.
    The Arch Wiki is a very well written source of information and a great tool to use. If you have an android device, there is information at the Wiki there too. Android
    Dont’ forget to mark as solved if this has helped you out :)

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