• Side scroll on touchpad does not work

    Hi everyone!
    As already said I am a newbie of Antergos.
    I have a problem with the touchpad of my laptop Dell Latitude 7350: when I tried Antergos in the live session side scroll used to work but now that I have installed as OS it seems it does not work anymore.
    My Desktop environment is GNOME.
    Of course I checked in mouse&touchpad settings where the option “natural scrolling” is scrolling and the “two finger scroll” is disabled.

    Thanks for any suggestions!


  • Hi @MatteP
    Have you seen this on the Arch wiki for your touchpad link text

    You might need to do sudo pacman -S xf86-input-synaptics
    Don’t forget to mark as solved if this has helped you out :)

  • Hi @Modisc
    Unfortunately I cannot tell you if your solution might have worked as today the side scroll works!
    I hope I’ll not need it anymore but in case I have some issues I’ll try your solution.

    I thank you anyway


  • Great!! Glad to hear all went well. :)

  • @Modisc ,
    Well actually I’m facing this issue again. But now I know what might cause it. My laptop is a hybrid laptop-tablet so I used for a while the touchscreen by itself then I attached back the screen to its base and…again the side scroll of the touchpad stopped working!

    Is this hint helpful to solve this problem?


  • Hmmm. Interesting that you mention about it being a hybrid. There might exist the possibility of that. I’m mentioning that because my guess is that if you detach one from the other, then the possibility might exist. Since there is no physical/digital/electrical/component connection.
    Not 100 percent for sure, just guessing.

    EDIT: I would go to the Arch Wiki to check it out: link text. From the Wiki

    To get your touchpad working properly, see the Touchpad Synaptics page. Note that your laptop may have an ALPS touchpad (such as the DELL Inspiron 6000), and not a Synaptics touchpad.

    I would also spend some time reading this page on the Wiki.TouchPad Synaptics

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