• Installed application not showing up in the start menu

    Hi everyone.
    I’ve recently installed Antergos Cinnamon on my laptop. Am loving it. In a bit of trouble here.
    Installed Firefox using the command line, it is installed. But, it’s not showing up in my applications menu. What’s the problem? How to fix it?
    Thanks. :)

  • The problem persists even after rebooting your system? If yes, then manually add it from the menu : Right click on the menu -> Configure -> Open the Menu Editor -> Internet -> New Item. Then name it Firefox, and in the command, add firefox %u. It should work immediately.

  • @Noctem Thanks. That worked. 👍
    I also wanted to ask this: I have used KDE, XFCE and GNOME on Arch and other Os-es. And the start menu is dynamic. Isn’t the Cinnamon applications menu dynamic in nature? Any way to make it so? Thanks. :)

  • It is dynamic (the default menu that is), that is why I asked if the problem persists after rebooting. In my case it updates always after installing/uninstalling programs.

  • @Noctem It’s showing after a restart. Not quite dynamic. :(
    Anyway to make the cinnamon menu dynamic?

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