• antergos base install: what do you get? and what is the difference betw this an Arch base install?

    Thinking of giving antergos base install a go: just for the learning experience.

    Could anyone have a stab at answering:

    1. what do you get with such an install? do you get X or must you do this from command line?
    2. what is the difference between going for base install from antergos or arch?
      thanks in advance,
  • You get a graphical installer which is top-class. However, YMMV.

  • Quoting words from Alexandre Filgueira :
    “Our base installation is pretty much an Arch Linux base installation but we add some packages to it like more decompress utilities, sudo…”

    List of exactly what gets installed in Antergos Base besides Arch Base.

    • cabextract
    • bzip2
    • dialog
    • rsync
    • sharutils
    • unace
    • uudeview
    • xz
    • zip

    And yep, antergos base doesn’t give you Xorg. Gotta get your hands dirty to get them clean.

  • This and This.

  • @Yash
    Suave, cool response: thanks!
    I finally went for another crack at Arch with xfce (a system I used about 4 years ago for 6 months or so)
    I love it.
    Think I’ll play and learn there for a while.

  • @aarem
    Very true, aarem: this is a unique feature of antergos.
    After a couple of weeks practising on antergos, I’ve decided to return to have another shot at Arch with xfce.
    Thanks for the response!

  • Would be a good idea to add lsb-release to the base package install list.

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