Hi folks,

Firstly, I’d like to say how I appreciate Antergos. The system is fantastic, very fast and I always loved the Arch architecture. Usually I use Debian and/or Ubuntu for all my purposes (3d modelling, programming,graphics design, music, you name it).

Ubuntu has a way of being very bloated.At least in Unity, that’s the case.

I love the PKGBUILD format, it allows even for newbies to make satisfying packages, and how!
Antergos leveled the path for me back to Arch now, thanks to the great graphic installer, the neatly adjusted User Interface and of course the rolling release structure of Arch in the background. Pacman is a great software.

The package manager is also very simple but effective / efficient.

I’d really bring out a big thanks to the developers.
I finally found a great system, working with my current PC configuration out-of-the-box.

BTW, the only thing that got me a bit worried is, that there is no GUI for GRUB and that in the installer I can’t resize NTFS partitions (like with GPARTED embedded in other installers).

Also, the NVIDIA binary drivers seems to be slower than Nouveau, which is kind of peculiar. Warzone 2100 has a very low frame rate compared to the nouveau driver.
Any idea what could cause this?

I have a Nvidia GTX 610, which is a rather low-end card, but still, warzone 2100 runs on any intel graphics card great. :)

I wish Antergos would run on t he Toshiba Satellite Click Mini. I can’t Virtualize because it only has 2 Gigs of RAM, but it is one of the GREATEST netbook convertibles I ever saw. FullHD resolution, 4 cores, 2Gig RAM and 32GIG hard disk with 12 hours of battery time.
Gonna bring some attention to it, maybe someone has mercy and would like to be involved in the driver writing process. :)
That would be a dream.

I will definitely recommend this operating system to other (low-knowledge) users. I already installed Ubuntu on a lot of people’s computer, but this distro might be a game-changer.

I’ll donate a little bit in exchange for this project. Thanks for your great operating system / distribution!