• Where is my Copy dialog in nautilus?

    I installed Antergos recently.

    I’m using Gnome 3 Classic and Gnome when I’m at the login.

    Either way, Nautilus won’t show me a copy dialog. NONE at all.
    It does copy, though. But I have no way of seeing any progress. And no, the window ain’t hidden.

    Did anybody experience the same?

    Any help appreciated,

  • This dialogue only appears when you are sending files that will actually take a while to copy. You didn’t say the size or number of files. I’m going to guess that it was something small.

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  • @Pixman In my desktop the progress show in the top right part of the interface, just before the search/magnifier button

    Enclosed in red next

    Screenshot from 2015-10-20 13-47-04.png

  • This is how it looks

    Screenshot from 2015-10-20 13-52-47.png

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