• Can I install gnome 3.18 beside mate

    Hi I have antergos Mate. I want remove Mate and install gnome 3.18. Is it possible?

  • @behrooz Yeah it is possible (to my knowledge)


    pacman -S gnome
    pacman -Rns mate

  • @Fedorai-Zomakaja said:

    @behrooz Yeah it is possible (to my knowledge)


    pacman -S gnome
    pacman -Rns mate

    I install gnome 3.18 when i choose Gnome from login screen and login to gnome. only load black screen and mouse point.

  • what do your greeter logs say? That can be one of the locations to check.
    Second question, do you get into the DE?

  • Hi
    I don’t know what happene but after restart laptop I login to gnome. It is OK
    Now I want remove Mate. If I do that maby gnome has hurt or application has hurt?
    How I disable lightdm?

  • You want to disable your greeter? May I ask why?

    If you want to see what the name of your greeter is, in this case, lightdm. Purely for educational purposes, I would start of with systemctl list-unit-files When and if you do that command, you would look for a **lightdm. service ** unit file.
    When you know the exact name of your unit file, you would do the following command to disable it
    systemctl disable lightdm.service To give yourself the benefit to see whether the unit has been disabled or not, you would follow up with the command of systemctl status lightdm.service or systemctl is-enabled lightdm.service and make observation of it being enabled or not.

    I would strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with the wonderful Wiki that the folks over at the Arch forums have put together. It a great resource. link text

  • Hi
    I would use gdm replace lightdm.
    Thanks for helping

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