• File Brower not connecting to NAS

    The smb package is installed and running smbtree gives the below output. But when I try and access the files from the browser it first gave a timeout message and then displayed links to the other devices on the network. Now it says Could not find “network:///DLINK-A76C31”.

    \DLINK-A76C31 DNS-320
    \DLINK-A76C31\lp USB Printer
    \DLINK-A76C31\IPC$ IPC Service (DNS-320)

  • Have you installed gvfs-smb?

  • Yes, and I reinstalled it just in case, but the problem persists.

  • Did you try smb:///DLINK-A76C31
    I believe that after the upgrade to Gnome 3.18 ( I am running Cinnamon) the network:/// prefix no longer works for me so I just use smb. In fact I now use smb:/// to browse my network. I just created a new bookmark inside of Nemo.

  • The result is.
    Could not find “smb:///DLINK-A76C31”.
    I also run cinnamon, but have Gnome 3.18 installed. Guess I should learn how to access the NAS drive through the command line until its fixed. Probably do me some good to learn some new terminal tricks.

  • That’s strange, did it ever work? Does it work from a Windows machine (if you have one)? Did you try adding the /IPC$ or /Volume_1 to the command?

  • It works from my windows laptop. before when I tried to access it I would get a timeout message and then items on the network would show up, after a refresh of the window manager. Haven’t tried any commands other than smbtree, my plan was to google some tutorials, since I’ve only used cd around local harddrives. An example of a full command would be great if you have time. Anyway its late for me, will try again later.

  • Did you install cifs-utils? Anyway, hope you get it figured out.

  • Is your DNS resolving DLINK-A76C31 ? (just try ping DLINK-A76C31 in a console)

  • cifs-utils is installed
    DNS is not resolving, ping: unknown host DLINK-A76C31

  • OK, quick fix:

    Add you DLINK-A76C31 host to /etc/hosts, (assuming its ip address is, simply add this line:  DLINK-A76C31

    Then try again to “ping” it.


  • After some research I found the default ip address for the NAS drive and now it is accessible. I used the host file method.

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