• UEFI dual bot with win10 Grub doesn't appear

    Hi, I have just installed antergos on my notebook with UEFI. But when I restart grub doesn’t load, it goes directly to win10. For the instalation I created 3 partitions one for root another one for swap and another for the swap. for the EFI(/boot/EFI), I chose the one that was fat32.

    I have never dual booted before so I know nothing about grub or bootloader configuration.

    Looking for an answer on internet I ended on the arch wiki article about a similar model of my ultrabook and it says the following:

    The laptop firmware seems to have a preference to boot Windows even when other bootmanagers are present.
    A solution is to move your bootloader to a recognised location such as /EFI/Boot/bootx64.efi
    It is important to add the efi entry with the label “Windows Boot Manager” and EFI/Boot/Bootx64.efi as path, else Sony firmware does not load it. Add the efi entry for your bootmanager with: efibootmgr -c -g -d /dev/sda -p 1 -w -L “Windows Boot Manager” -l ‘\EFI\Boot\Bootx64.efi’ Verify that your bootloader is in the first position of the boot order with: efibootmgr -v

    But as I said I am new , I don’t know how to move my bootloader, I supose it is in the EFI partition but I don’t know how to Access it. I tried running antergos live with an USB stick and check the efibootmgr -v but grub doesn’t appear there.

    I hope someone know how to solve it.

    Thanks in advance

  • What is the model of your laptop?

  • @Tudor-Plugaru It’s a Sony Vaio pro 13, non touch screen versión

    The article of the arch wiki is from a simiar model I think

  • Have you checked if a new entry is available in the boot device order? For example, on my HP I have to enter every time in bios to select antergos_grub from there to boot into antergos. The HP made the BIOS so that only Windows is default OS that is booted.

  • @Tudor-Plugaru I have just checked and there isn’t an option for that. I can only choose between HDD boot or external device.

  • I have been Reading info about my laprtop and I think the solution of my probmes is to fix the bootloader location.

    for a deabian instalation I found this:

    Go to /target/boot/efi/EFI, there should be three directories:

    Boot/: the original boot loader
    Microsoft/: microsoft chain loader
    debian/: the Grub EFI boot loader

    Do the following freshuffling:mv Boot Boot.orig
    mv debian Boot
    cp Boot/grubx64.efi Boot/bootx64.efi

    I suppose I have to do something similar but I don’t know how to do it. /boot/efi/EFI is in the boot/EFI partition, isn’t it? How can I Access that partition to move the bootloader?

    EDIT : I managed changes on the bootloader from the file explorer( I could mount it from terminal) but the computer continue to boot directly into Windows. So now on /EFI/Boot/ there are grubx64.efi and bootx64.efi. I use efibootmgr -v and showed me that the first boot is /EFI/Boot/bootx64.efi, I don’t know what to do now

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