• Problems with Cinnamon + GTK3.18?

    Hi! I installed Antergos cinnamon recently, but with the upgrades of Gnome, cinnamon is having so much problems. For example, when I turn off the computer it always says to me: “Cinnamon had an error, do you want to reboot it?” I select one answer, yes or no, but both do the same: I have to trun off the computer manually. And sometimes, the desktop reboots itself automatically.
    Does anybody experience this problems too? I suppose that this problems are related to gtk 3.18, bacause i had had Antergos cinnamon other times (August) and it works perfectly…

  • I have no answer for your problem, but have you tried to powerof your pc via terminal, as a temporary workaround?

  • $ shutdown -h now

  • Yes, I know it, and with this command the system turn off correctly, but I have more issues, not with cinnamon, with LighDM. Why is it so slow? It takes long to log in, for example, when I write my password, it takes a few seconds to show it in the screen. Maybe I will try SDDM. And one more question, this problem with cinnamon will be solved? I ask this because cinnamon is mainly developed by Linux Mint, and it doesn’t have these problems…
    While, I’m fine with this solution. Thank you very much!!! Sorry of my english 😉

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