• How to Undo Gnome-Shell App Folders

    I was following the advice on this site, Organizing applications view in Gnome-Shell, because I mistakeningly thought it was going to help me organize the App Drawer (or whatever its called) by the date the apps were installed.

    That didn’t work and now I have two folders, “Utilities” and “Sundry” which I really would love to get rid of so all my Apps are siaplayed together just like they were before I attempted this.

    I followed the instructions here, Gnome Wiki: App Folders, but when I loaded dconf-editor the section in org>gnome>desktop>app-folders> does not have “>folders>folders” like it says in the guide.

    So I’d really like to know how I can go about removing these folders. Whenever I would just try to click-&-drag an icon out, Gnome-Shell would crash and I would have to log out or reboot to get it working again.

    Any suggestions you have will be fantastic!

    Thanks a lot!

  • @koesherbacon , I’ve never tried undoing this, but the root cause was installing gnome-software, and (of course) uninstalling gnome-software doesn’t undo those two folders, as you know. Per my vanilla Arch installation, the specific folders are located in: org>gnome>desktop>app-folders>folders>Sundry & Utilities. You’ve got one too many >folders in there. :)


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