• No wifi connection

    Hello everyone I’m here once again.

    I have a problem with mi wifi conection.

    The device recognize SSID but… when I try to connect… Nothing happens
    Also I have a problem activating my wifi spot (to make my pc a router) known as hotspot too.

    I think to solve the hotspot issue I nned to solve the wifi connection first pls!!! I need help

  • Hi. Ok, so first. Is this a new install?
    Or is/was it one that you installed at some point earlier in history?
    If earlier in history, was there something that happened that triggered you not having wifi at the moment?
    Again, if earlier in history, could you please do the following: lspci -k if your card is loaded by PCI.
    You will need to look for an output that states*** ‘Network Controller’.***
    For example, mine is:

    Network controller: Intel Corporation Wireless 7260 (rev 6b)
    	Subsystem: Intel Corporation Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260
    	Kernel driver in use: iwlwifi
    	Kernel modules: iwlwif

    If your card is normally loaded by USB, please do the following : lsusb -v Again, you are looking for something along the lines of Network Controller.
    Please post the output.

    You are doing these commands to determine if the driver module for wifi was loaded or not. If it is USB, please let me know here in this thread.

    Also, please post some logs. Some commands for posting logs are journalctl -f and dmseg -w
    With that last command (dmseg -w), I would like you to find the specific output for any wireless related output. We are going to be looking for a reason. There are reason codes available.

    Then do the following command: ip link It will start with the letter ‘W’ or ‘w’. It will be a 6 character value.

    As an example, if it says.*** wlan0***, then do this command ip link set wlan0 up Here is what the basis of your command would look like : ip link set wXXXXX up

    That command will actually bring up the interface. To prove that the interface is up and running, prove it by doing the following command: ip link show wXXXXX You will look for the word ’UP’ immediately after a ’ BROADCAST,MULTICAST’ output.
    Please post the output.

    Now,if there is an error message that says something along the lines that there is no such directory or file, then there are other issues perhaps .

    If no other issues, then check to see if the kernel modules loaded the firmware or not.
    Please do the following: dmesg | grep firmware If the output is/was good then you should be looking for a line that says iwlwifi or something that has the word ***wifi ***in it.
    Please post the output.

    Do the following commands below only if there is NO GOOD OUTPUT (i.e. file or directory missing). Otherwise, skip.
    Only if there isn’t any good output, then you can do the following command: dmesg | grep iwlwifi
    Please post the output.

    Also do the following command. rfkill list Sometimes the kernel can block the card.
    Please post the output.

    Continuing with the command from above, search for a wireless output. Look through your list. Does the output of your command say that it is SOFT and/or HARD blocked?
    Please post the output. .

    If it says that it is SOFT blocked, then do the following command rfkill unblock wifi

    We will start from there using these commands. Please post the output for those commands using appropriate code tags. There is a sticky in this forum that will show you how and what to do. If having trouble with that you can always use a pastebin service.

    Also, could you please check to see if your card is supported or not? Go to this link: link text
    the list is not comprehensive. Because if it isn’t, then you have issues that are beyond the scope of what is available here. However, considering the progress of kernel modules, I would doubt it.
    Finally, please answer ALL questions I have posed. Please don’t skip answering any.

  • right click on the wifi icon click on the ssid under the wifi connection

    click on edit choose wpa and wpa2 personal

    insert your password

    click save

    left click on the wifi icon

    choose the ssid that corresponds to your connection

    it might fail the first time it tries to connect

    click on it again and it should now connect

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