With all the trouble re the recent Gnome 3.18 updates (lightdm/libreoffice-fresh/LAN Browsing disappearing) I decided to give Antergos KDE a go last night. Other than having to disable the ‘Activate Bluetooth’ option during installation and swapping out lightdm for SDDM after, everything went well (lightdm whilst allowing me to log in was slow and ponderous - SDDM works well) .

I can’t make any progress with access to my LAN, however. Clicking on ‘Network’ in Dolphin doesn’t change the view in the main pane i.e. whatever was clicked previously remains showing. I installed KDEConnect and successfully paired my laptop to my phone but although it shows in ‘Devices’ section of Dolphin, clicking on it again produces nothing.

Any help much appreciated as I similarly lost the ability to browse my home network after the latest updates when I was on Antergos Gnome.

Many thanks.