• [Solved]Cinnamon is a favorite but it doesn´t work anymore!

    I have 4 computers with Antergos installed with 3-6 desktop environments on each. I have Cinnamon installed on all. On 2 computers I have Gnome and Cinnamon and since a week ago Cinnamon doesn´t work. On the 2 other computers I do not have Gnome and there Cinnamon still works fine! Is there problems with Cinnamon and Gnome in the same system?
    I haven´t been able to find a way to uninstall Cinnamon (to reinstall it) so I have tried to uninstall manually and then reinstall. It didn´t work. I like both Gnome and Cinnamon very much but it seems I have to choose or can they co-exist? I have also tried the clever tip to have a different user for each DE but I found it a bit messy with different “homes” on a single-user-system. Is there a solution for this problem?


  • Try creating a new user account on your system and logging into it ONLY with Cinnamon. If it works then you will at least have confirmed the problem is caused by a user configuration conflict.


  • To fix the multiple home folders problem you could link the contents of your home files with

    ln -s /dir1/* /dir2/

    Making sure to only link folders like Pactures, Documents, Music, bash_history, and nothing that might contain configuration files

  • Hi!

    Very good idea to create a separate user to see if that could bring back cinnamon from the dead, but that didnt work. I will not give up though!

    Now I have uninstalled Gnome and Plasma and also removed configs and folders that I think can “disturb” Cinnamon. Cinnamon still dead.


  • Well I did a “last resort” and uninstalled cinnamon reboot and reinstalled and then logged in with my “new” user to cinnamon, and that worked!!
    Thanks for support and help!! I will to ably migrate to the “new” user-account in time.
    Matter is solved!


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