• Possible to use Numix-Folders-Git and Numix Square Icons Concurrently?

    numix-folders-git allows the customization of both the color and icon of the standard orange Numix folders, which I would like to install. However one of its dependencies conflicts with the numix-icon-theme-square, which I definitely don’t want to remove.

    Is there a way to use this while also using the awesome square theme that ships with Antergos?


  • which dependency?

  • My solution would to be to copy the Numix Square icon theme to /.icons then uninstall the numix-icon-theme-square package. Then try installing the numix-folders-git package.

    But tht is a hacky solution. You could probably just edit the package build script and remove the conflict.

  • I’m not really knowledgable on script writing. So I would not really know as much as you might know instead.
    What’s wrong with the hacky solution.? If it works, great!

  • What’s wrong with the hacky solution.? If it works, great!

    As I see it, the problem is that the icon package won’t update itself with pacman (you’ll have to do it manually).

    But yes, it will work.


  • That’ll work. Thanks for the help everyone!

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