• Issues With HULU/Protected Content in Flash Player ...

    Okay ;
    So i have been browsing around the forum here , as well as digging around the net (Wiki mostly) . Ive come across a few solutions . [ Im currently using Firefox/Chromium on a 32-bit system ]

    • Reverting Packages to older versions
    • Different web browsers (Opera?)

    So my question is .
    How do i revert Packages in general ? More specifically Flash-pepper/ HAL and where is HAL located ?
    And to the people who may have had this issue and solved it ; could you please share the steps you took ? I’m sorta kinda new to Linux based OS , but not computers , and I feel like i was missing stuff as i was reading solutions .

    Sorry if this is a best to death issue and i just missed something.
    Thank You

  • Figured out how to Downgrade (From post in newbie section ) still cant find appropriate plugin to install . I have tried using Firefox / Chromium / Opera …

    Wut Do ?

  • For use in firefox:

    To install the package just add the following entry to your /etc/pacman.conf:

    Server = http://repos.fds-team.de/stable/arch/$arch

    The nest step will try to add the keyrings but it likely wont work unless you first enter


    sudo dirmngr </dev/null

    and then add the keyrings in the next step

    As next step you should add our key to your pacman key database to allow verifying the packages. All packages and the repository itself is signed using a 4096 bit RSA key, so that you can set the SigLevel to Required if you like. You can import the key and set the trust level to trusted by using:

    sudo pacman-key -r E49CC0415DC2D5CA
    sudo pacman-key --lsign-key E49CC0415DC2D5CA

    Now you can install Pipelight like any other package using pacman and update the plugins:

    sudo pacman -Sy pipelight
    sudo pipelight-plugin --update

    Now you have the necessary packages installed and you can continue by enabling plugins.

    Enabling plugins

    1. Using windows browser plugins

    After installing Pipelight, you will need to enable the plugins you want to use. By default all plugins are disabled and you need to enable them through the pipelight-plugin script. Enabling a plugin is as easy as executing the following command in your terminal:

    sudo pipelight-plugin --enable pluginname

    To disable the plugin again use:

    sudo pipelight-plugin --disable pluginname

    If you do not want to enable a plugin for all users on your system, but only your current user, simply leave out the sudo. The pipelight-plugin script supports a lot more commands, which you can check out in our man page.

    Not all plugins work completely out of the box and may require some additional configuration or steps. Therefore make sure to checkout the plugin related information:
    Adobe® Flash®
    Shockwave® Player
    Unity® Web Player

    There are also some other smaller plugins, which do not have a dedicated page. You can get a list of all supported plugins by executing:

    pipelight-plugin --help

    Some of these plugins need to be “unlocked” first (this will create some extra file consuming some disk space). If you try to enable such a plugin, you will get an error tell you to execute

    sudo pipelight-plugin --unlock pluginname

    first. If you do not longer need a specific plugin you can use --lock instead to remove the file again.

    The following additional plugins (i.e. they were not mentioned yet) are supported as of version 0.2.7 and must be unlocked:
    Plugin Command Description
    Adobe® Reader® adobereader Popular PDF viewer on Windows
    Foxit® PDF Reader foxitpdf Another PDF viewer
    Grandstream® Plugin grandstream Plugin to connect to IP cameras
    Hikvision® Plugin hikvision Another plugin to connect to IP cameras
    Roblox® Plugin roblox A web plugin to launch games created with Roblox
    Vizzed Retro Game Room vizzedrgr A game console emulator for old games
    Viewright® Caiway® viewright-caiway The ViewRight player in the Caiway edition (VOD service in NL)
    Triangleplayer triangleplayer Required to play the game “The Lost Titans”
    Unity® Web Player (64-bit) x64-unity3d 64-bit version of the Unity Webplayer
    Adobe® Flash® (64-bit) x64-flash 64-bit version of Flash

  • @Lizzi Ty so much i was able to get most the way through this , and i saw where it enabled silverlight as it installed but not flash ? Am i understanding right , that , i would need to enable ? i tried the suggested command ; resulting in below result.

    sudo pipeline-plugin --enable adobeflash
    sudo: pipeline-plugin: command not found

    Sorry no idea how to black box that tried reading the compose help and putting some thingsdown to no avail .

  • just flash

    sudo pipeline-plugin --enable flash

  • Same thing :(

    $ sudo pipeline-plugin --enable Flash sudo: pipeline-plugin: command not found

    this is so curious i can get some sites to play vids but not hulu.

  • why did you use a capital F in Flash?

    did i tell you to use Flash or flash?\

    that small difference will make or break your attempts

    its pipelight not pipeline also. that was my typo there, sorry

    copy my text into your terminal

    sudo pipelight-plugin --enable flash

  • Ahh yes, I’m having the same problem. HAL is a piece of software put out by adobe that allows linux users to play restricted content. I haven’t figured out if Adobe has stopped providing support for hal and discontinued it or if they are revamping but the versions available in the repository cannot be downloaded. And, to top that off, chromium, that always seemed to work, won’t work on hulu now. I don’t know what else to tell you. I actually created a thread about this because of a crash that forced me to reinstall everything and the one piece that is needed to play restricted content can’t be downloaded. The best thing to do is check on adobe’s website. I looked and have seen mention of HAL but no new threads have come up. I suspect this will become a huge topic soon as more people begin to depend on linux distros and figure out that they cannot play any videos on youtube.

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