• LightDM Broken Again!!

    I haven’t used my laptop in about a week… Opened it up today and ran updates, rebooted, and now LightDM is acting silly, similar to what it did on my home desktop…

    So, I see the greeter and click the screen to login to my account, and the screen just goes white…

    Here’s a video I recorded from my cell… Guess I can just install GDM like I did on my other machine, but this has gotta stop… Anyone know how to fix this?


  • Well, browsing the forum a bit (albeit after posting) I see that several others are reporting the same issue, even on other desktop environments. I guess perhaps mine is related to the same bug report, perhaps.

  • @Myk-Robinson Ha. At least you got that far. My screen was totally white. Go with GDM.

  • @Myk-Robinson ya it appears everyone is jumping off the lightdm ship.

  • @megaman jumping off the lightdm ship but still loving Antergos. ❤

  • Oh, I’m definitely still Team Antergos ;) Sad part is, I like LightDM, but it seems like every few months, something wonky happens… Wonder if the Antergos devs will just replace it with GDM, or does GDM do the same thing periodically?

    And regarding LightDM, is the same thing happening with Linux Mint or other distros that utilize LightDM having the same issue?

  • @Myk-Robinson I had it happen on Opensuse 13.2 Gnome version. It totally bombed and I installed LXDE desktop and from then on it worked like a charm.

  • @Myk-Robinson
    Try :

    1. https://forum.antergos.com/topic/3015/attn-antergos-lightdm-theme-users
    2. https://forum.antergos.com/topic/3015/attn-antergos-lightdm-theme-users
      for starters, then follow the trail of broken bits.

    (I was fortunate enough to get wise in time to reading the news EVERY time before updating)

  • @Myk-Robinson @jaws222

    This literally happens everytime gnome has an update, it takes a week or so for everything to stabilize.

  • @Wyn said:

    @Myk-Robinson @jaws222

    This literally happens everytime gnome has an update, it takes a week or so for everything to stabilize.

    i’m a little daft when it comes to login managers… What does Gnome have to do with LightDM? Does it depend on some of the Gnome libraries or something?

  • @Myk-Robinson

    Gnome updated gtk which effected webkit in lightdm themes.

    (Someone correct me if I’m off)

  • So, on my laptop now that I have GDM, if the laptop suspends, when I wake it back up, i have no keyboard or mouse and have to perform a hard shutdown…

    Ideas for troubleshooting that?

  • @Wyn i would guess that. Gnome always causing problems :)

  • @megaman said:

    @Wyn i would guess that. Gnome always causing problems :)

    Hmmmmmm…let me recall…did some1 have any trouble exiting OB???😍

  • @anarch 😏 thats nothing to the gnome problems ive seen on the boards of late. i was still able to exit just not using oblogout.

  • So, am I logging in with GNOME (till this childhood decease of it gets resolved)😃 “Gnome problems you`ve seen?”. What problemS? To me it is the best Gnome3 release so far. Its getting more and more mature (provided you are ok with its philosophy and aesthetics.)👏

  • Hello.
    Just to let you friendly people know, lightdm is now fixed. At least it is for me. After this update, it should also be fixed for you.

    Work-around is quite simple, actually, and has been mentioned herein these forums for a while now by one or two other forum users.

    The following information is posted only for those who are not familiar with a non GUI sign-in. For those who are not familiar, please do the following (For those who are familiar, please ignore this as you probably already know the procedure):

    1. When Antergos boots, select ‘e’ from your keyboard. ‘e’ is for editing purposes.
    2. Use your arrow keys to navigate down to the line where the last word is ‘quiet’. Select to navigate to the end of this same line with your arrow keys. Enter the SPACE key. Then input the following command onto this line:
      systemd.unit=multi-user.target You will find that this same command is also listed at the bottom of your GRUB editing interface.
    3. Select F10 to save and boot into Antergos in a non-GUI interface. Other keys for usage are also listed near the bottom of your GRUB editing interface/menu.
    4. Antergos will now reboot for you to log in. Log in with your credentials.
    5. update your operating system with sudo pacman -Syu. You will find that one of the updates to resolve the lightdm issue which has been plaguing us and many other users using lightdm throughout the world of Linux/GNU, is now available for download/install.
    6. sudo reboot
    7. Enjoy your Antergos :)

    PS: I don’t care what your mamma told, you.
    Linux is still Awesome!!!
    Because with Wind0ze, you would still be perplexed on how to get your operating system back.
    You couldn’t without a complete re-install!!!

  • Once more, well done!👏

  • @anarch said:

    Hmmmmmm…let me recall…did some1 have any trouble exiting OB???

    I havent had time to look into it much but I’m pretty sure the fact that oblogout broke in the first place was a lovely gift from the GNOME/Gtk Developers 😉 hehe

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