• Nouveau Driver Issue

    I have a Lenovo IdeaPad Y50-70 with an Nvidia GTX 960M graphics card and Intel i7 CPU. Whenever I try to install Antergos off of my USB drive (I’ve used several different ISO’s over the past few months, the most recent was September 13th release), the EFI menu comes up, and I attempt to load Antergos live. Almost immediately, a single nouveau error is displayed, and then a bunch of other stuff, and then a string of Noveau errors occurring roughly 20 times a second come up for about 15 seconds and then the computer restarts into my Windows partition without any warning. Has anyone here seen anything similar to this before? I’ve never tried to install Antergos onto a computer with Nvidia discreet graphics before, and I’m not sure how to proceed.

  • Hi @CleverToucan
    Have you had a quick check on the Arch Wiki to get an idea of what’s needed for install of Antergos with Nvidia?

    Please read the link first because there is quite a lot to know. There are some packages that you will need installed, though because you can’t get into Antergos, it might be a different route for you. In this case, you would need a live ISO of Antegos and then chrootinto your existing Antergos system.
    chroot is actually quite easy. It’s not daunting at all.

    Please read the links to the Arch Wiki first:

    link text
    link text
    REading about modprobe might also be helpful.
    link text

    For the Nvidia driver, to to the top right hand corner of the Wiki page and there might be some related articles for you to read.
    And finally, don’t panic just because you can’t get into Antergos. We can make it happen here for you. Though I might need some help from others in the forums too (my knowledge is only so much, but I’m learning pretty much each time I use arch-system. This is stuff your going to know beforehand prior to getting your system up and running.

    Your also going to have to get boot records. Read one of the ‘how to’s’’ written by one of the devs. Remember that you’ll be getting those journal/boot records during your chroot process. YOu can use a pastebin service for posting those journal logs.

    Let us know when your ready. :)

  • Did some looking around, have some questions.

    How would you go about installing the Nvidia driver, even after you chroot in? LiveUSB’s use the squash filesystem, which is read-only, which means the only way I could actually install a package would be to unpack the entire usb, make my changes, and then repack it (which is something I don’t even begin to know how to do.) What would be preferable is if there was an alternative nonfree Antergos iso that has preloaded Nvidia drivers, similar to Manjaro’s setup.

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