Hello all,
I have been running a Hackintosh that was triple booting Windows, Linux and OS X using the Chimera booloader. I recently switched the Clover bootloader and reinstalled Linux and Windows under UEFI mode on newly GPT partitioned drives and am now have having trouble getting Clover to detect Antergos. I’ve used this wiki as a guideline while changing the UUID to my Antergos boot partition, but that did not work. https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Clover I also tried using EasyUEFI on Windows to add a new Linux entry, which successfully boots from my BIOS boot menu, but still does not show up in Clover. I also reinstalled Antergos and set my EFI partition to the same partition that OS X is using, which also did not work. Finally, I am using the GRUB install option in the Antergos installer because Gummiboot was giving me errors during the install. Any insight on this would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.