im on antergos for like a week now. and by the time i used my laptop the first time on battery i realised there is no energy saving mode… - after a bit of research late night i decided to install laptop mode tools wich is available in aur (i left everything default in the install routine)

the next time i bootet up, my login in screen turned white after the firs cklick (i use cinnamon) - but eventually by clicking around i managed to login - it behaves like before - but all gui elements seem to be just white. - i can figure our whats there since the mouse changes symbols by hovering over certain areas and also kontext menu works as normal.

much more importandly i figured out back on my desk wired connection is not working anymore, it keeps saying no cable attached.

after that i decided to remove laptop mode tools again. - wich resultet in some strange screen after shutdown and the computer did not cut power itself. - luckyli it bootet again. but the ethernet and lockscreen issues stay the same. only some aditional issue with the external mouse stopping to work 5 sec after you plugg it in only under certain condition has gone (but this issue at least was described on the wiki page of arch about the laptop mode tools)

my mainquestion do you belief its easier to fix this - or to reinstall the system again? - i have a seperate /home partition and someone told me actually most configuration are saved there. - and i only installed like 10 programms yet so it would be easy to do that agein. - in addition i want to set up autologin which i could have choosen in the installer as well - but didnt and tried to enable later for like half an hour but failed as well - so with a reinstall that would be fixed as well i guess.

thank you very much for your support.
and just for the records: life on wifi is hell… ^^