• my obmenu isnt working and i am lost as to how to get it back

    Mostly it is working but it seems the Applications pipe menu is borked and i dont know what to use

    anyone have a good idea where to begin?

    im lost

  • heres what my menu.xml looks like in ~/.config/openbox/menu.xml


  • this is the line i need help with

                <menu execute="i need something here, what is it?" id="openbox-menu" label="Applications"/>
  • I’m not using OB, but don’t you need something that starts with ~/.config/openbox/pipemenues/"something with applications"

    Look at your other pipemenus path in your .xml file. The path is either to an .sh file (doubtful though) or an ‘obpipemenu-applications

    Was there a point in recent history where you forgot to go openbox --reconfigure and hence the issue?

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  • @Lizzi possibly this?

    /usr/bin/openbox-menu lxde-applications.menu

    do you remember what you did that made that happen?

  • @Lizzi I’m using openbox, and, while I’m sure I have not got it tweaked to anywhere near your excellent level, it is working fine (with some few things not responding the way they should; again, due to my lack of ability to configure the thing properly)

    Would it help if I were to send you my file and you were to do:
    sdiff <yourfile> <myfile>
    and compare the differences?
    If so, the only problem is, you would have to tell me how to “pack up” my 370-odd lines of .config file in such a way that you could read it in your fav text editor (i use vi)

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  • Thanks, I reinstalled. I was trying some openrc distros and they were not working well… I got antergos back up and running so i think we’ll leave it alone for now. My frustration tolerance has been way low since my little lovie got hit by a car almost three weeks ago. Skittles is doing well now though that she had life saving surgery. Now i just have to pay the remainder of the vet bill… you dont want to know how much…

  • @Lizzi So sorry to hear about this LIzzie.
    I have a little furry love at the center of my life, so I totally get it (and I"m no stranger to vet bills, but yeah, obviously I can imagine it must be astronomical; sooner they get recognized as “people” and attract governt
    subsidies the better, hey? ; - ) )

    Glad to hear you solved your openbox woes.

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