• Forgot to mount home

    I did a Antergos installation. First failed, so I tested to install it again and it was successfull! But now I noticed that the partition I made for Home didn’t get mounted at all. So now I have a 40gb partition not used at all by any installation. Should I do ‘cp /home/jkw /media/bleh/blah/blug’ and then just reboot to a Antergos installation and simply do mounting in the installation and then exit?

  • you can do a couple of things, one is to edit your /etc/fstab file. The other is via command line:

    sudo mount /dev/sdaXX

    where sdaXX is the actual partition of your ‘home’ directory. You would need to do this every time that you boot up, though.

    The Arch Wiki has a wealth of information including on how to edit your fstab file. If you want to automount your /home partition each time you boot up, start off with the blkid command in your terminal. Make a note of each of the UUID for each partition. In this case, your /home partition is what you would be looking for. lsblk -l is another command that you would want to make use of. If you gave your /home partition a label, use the command lsblk -f That same command will also give you UUID information for each of your partitions.

    Remember to uncomment # that portion of your/etc/fstab file that you want mounted automatically on boot up. For example it would look something like this:

    UUID=6e661348-80f5-4041-b05a-1031c995e37a /

    In addition, don’t forget to add the dir type options and dump pass for that particular UUID of that partition.

    ArchWike fstab link

    Is this /home partition encrypted by any chance?

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