• [solved] Firefox won't start it's Profilemanager

    firefox -profilemanager won’t start - only with sudo.
    But then, of course, I get a profile for root.
    Without sudo it only starts with the default profile.
    Any idea?

  • Somewhere along the line, you must have done something where you inadvertently chown firefox to sudo. You need to reverse that.

    Firefox application is inside /usr/bin/ There might be some symb links in that directory too.
    Here’s what you can do to see who the owner/file-permissions is/are of firefox.
    cd into /usr/bin; then go: ls -l. Scroll to where mozilla-firefox is and look at the left hand side of your terminal output.

    I don’t use firefox on Antergos, but you could try this: sudo chown -R micro.user ~/.mozilla/firefox
    The ‘-R’ is for recursive value. You might also want to look inside your~/.config folder in case it is there instead.
    Have you had a chance to read the Arch Wiki on chown, if that is the case as I believe it is?

  • I did install Firefox during initial Antergos installation.

    Although I might have learned more when trying to solve this by hand, I decided trying to solve it by simply removing and reinstalling Firefox via pacman.

    Now the problem is solved, firefox -profilemanager now works from my user account without sudo.

    At least, now I know a bit more about -dpl, rwx and ugoa.


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