Hi there,

I’ve just converted (well, we’ll see how it goes) a frustrated Windows user to Antergos/Gnome.
He has an iPhone 4S running iOS8 which he would like to continue to transfer music to.
The iPhone connects to his Antergos laptop and shows up in the File Manager and also in Banshee, Clementine and Rhythm box. I can navigate the file system with Nautilus but when trying to transfer music files to the iPhone with, say, Banshee it appears that the process is happening but the file doesn’t appear on the phone. Neither can any of the aforementioned Music Apps read the music already on the iPhone.

I have gvfs-afc, usbmuxd and libimobiledevice packages installed. The libimobiledevice website indicates it should be good up to and including iOS9.

Any help appreciated. Thanks