One of my firends in Iran made a simple skin for Aria2 which I am using it now and its name is Perspolis, I just wanted to introduce it here in order to make some peoples downloads easier. here are some of its features :

1: you can match it with flashgot

2: you can also use it in terminal with its own options (if you use it in terminal the download info is different with main Aria2 for e.g it has terminal progress bar)

3: simple GUI which has been written by zenity

4: you can have group download with it

5: you can download with it from the sites which needs password and username

6: you can configure it as you like

7: you can order it to open the download directory after the download is finished

8: it has notifications sound

9: if download fails it retry to download again (you can choose that how many times you want Perspolise to retry)

10: you can set proxy for your download in GUI way

11: when you use flashgot it uses 16 connections as default

12: you can match it with Tor and Polipo

13: it has folders that related file goes to related folder

14: you can choose how many seconds the download manager should wait for retry

15: it has log file

16: it has support youtube-dl

17: it has manual

18: and way more …






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