• GNOME 3.18 won't launch. Only cursor is available and screen is black.

    Since GNOME 3.18.0 I am unable to launch DE (other “ttys” work). Only cursor is available and small white dot is appearing in the left of top corner.
    I am on linux-lts and I am using catalyst drivers from vi0l0 repo (gpu: r9 380).
    Is that just error which came with 3.18.0, incompatibile drivers ? Did anyone notice this ?
    Many thanks for help.

  • @melkir This is not my problem … I can login, but environment is black. I will take a picture.

    EDIT: This my screen after login.

  • I am having the same issue, allthough I am not using antergos (I am an arch user)
    At first I was having this issue with gdm 3.18,. I couldn’t find a solution to it so I switched to LXDM.
    Now I can enter my credentials in LXDM, but when gnome is started I get a black screen with a white dot in the top left corner.
    I am using a Radeon HD 6950 with catalyst driver.

  • I have the same issue. using lightDM i get the VConsole ghosted on the screen but can login but get a cursor with a black screen like yourselves, with GDM i get the black screen straight away. I tried installing an alternate DE’s to find cinnamon with lightdm gives me the same result. for the time being to get my system functional at the very least I have now installed Slim for logon and MATE for desktop. and just added a .xinitrc file to my user

    I am using the LTS kernel and LTS catalyst driver
    Hardware Radeon 6870

    on the plus side I have discovered switching to Slim+Mate has resolve other graphical issues I was having using Gnome which is a shame because I really like Gnome 3 and would rather use it if it worked

  • Hmm, so the only solution is switching to another DE or waiting for fix from gnome devs ?

  • I had a similar issue, after login, i couldn’t use any of the DE icons/interface. The interface was there but it was unusable, thou i could use the keyboard to use the dash (by using the superkey and typing the application i needed). I ended reinstalling the system, formatting my / partition and keeping my /home intact… 20mn solution in a 7 years PC…

  • I find the same issue, for now I just “do” hover the mouse on the blank screen untill I saw “hand icon” as the cursor. After that, just click it, and type my password, then press “enter”.

    That just my temporary solution.

  • I’m having a similar issue if you mean that you are able to login first but I am not having it as bad as you.

    Basically I can login just fine (although the login thing seems a bit buggy and appears to be made in a web browser because I can right click inspect element) but for about 10 or so seconds the screen is black like that until I get in and everything is normal… this is on an SSD and an overclocked i5 2500k as well… (Gtx 560ti if the gpu really matters)

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