So i did some installs and uninstalls and upgrades as is normal use for things and found my printer was no longer installed. Installing cups and hplip and hplip-plugin and all the other usual stuff wasn’t working even reinstalling the python supported files and running hp-setup -u didn’t help. In fact trying to install my printer with hp-toolbox would go as far as adding the ppd file, though it couldn’t find the right one and after pointing it to the right one the install crashed. I even have created the lp group and added my user name to the group and still no dice. Tried installing it via cups a couple of times but after finishing the process it still wasnt installed! UGH!

so i ran this in a terminal


after using that to add and configure it (had to be unlocked to use it - with the unlock button in the program…) i now have a working printer again

oh it works and im so happy!!! try it if you must, you will be so happy too!