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    I posted a while back that Timeshift was a great backup utility; well I found out that is not entirely true.
    You see it excludes all FOLDERS in you HOME directory.
    It saves regular files and all the ‘’ . ’ directories, but not Pictures, Documents, etc.
    I found this out when I re-installed and was, what might say “Freaking upset.”
    Fortunately I had sbackup installed prior and was able to recover 99.99% of my data.
    So now I use both sbackup and timeshift. Bit of overkill maybe but better safe than sorry.
    I am using Timeshift in case I forgot to include some File/Directory in sbackup.
    To test whether your sbackup is good, I found some errors when backing up ALL of /var, by going to the destination directory of the backup and expanding until you get to the folder that contains files.tar.
    Then go to a terminal and enter
    tar tvf files.tar
    If your backup is good then it will just display all the files in the backup and no errors reported.
    Hope this information helps.
    Thank goodness for sbackup. lol

  • Hi @herbie !

    Thanks for posting your experience makes us good at all!👍

  • @judd Thank you.

  • I found that if you go into the Settings of Timeshift, you can add Directories and Files that way.
    I selected, Pictures, Panels, etc as well as some files that weren’t on the backups.
    Then I did and On Demand backup and everything was saved.
    However, I will keep Sbackup installed and running as well.
    One can never have too many backups. lol

  • “And what came before the First Universal Backup, Sir?”
    -Well, Madam, you see, it’s really a case of “backups” all the wayyyyyyyy dowwwwwwwwwwn."

  • So very true.

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